Membership Benefits

OHCEAC Consortium Membership Benefits

The Ohio Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (OHCEAC) Consortium is an academic-industry partnership focusing on being the central driving force in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) through collaborative interdisciplinary research. Consortium members will have the opportunity to help OHCEAC identify immediate needs for research to help the CEA industry at large.

Industry members of consortium receive many benefits including:

  • Lower costs to conduct research project
  • IP access and licensing opportunity
  • Recognition through OHCEAC
  • Networking with members and students with shared goals

OHCEAC's vision is focused on being 'integrative', 'interdisciplinary' and 'inclusive'. The center uniquely works with all CEA crops (floriculture, ornamental crops, food crops, etc.) and all systems (greenhouses, high tunnels and indoor vertical farms). Our center houses 28 Member PIs (including 9 USDA PIs) whose research focus areas span the CEA industry including hydroponics/soilless production, climate control, automation, plant diseases, IPM, food safety, economics and more.


How does it work?

After a company has joined the consortium, they will be eligible to vote at OHCEAC's biannual meetings to fund center research projects. In addition to voting, OHCEAC biannual meetings will include updates about current projects being performed by PIs in and outside of the center.