Training Programs

We offer a customized group training and a one-on-one private training for individuals who are interested in learning strawberry production under controlled environment. Please contact us for fee information and scheduling your training.


Introduction to Greenhouse Strawberry (standard training with lectures & hands-on lab). This training will consist of morning lectures covering ‘Basics on Strawberry Physiology and Production Practices’ (a total of 4 hours) followed by afternoon hands-on greenhouse sessions working with our strawberry plants (3 hours) plus the final discussion of selected topics per participant’s interest.

Greenhouse Strawberry Production Basics (lectures only). This is a lecture portion of our standard training, containing four hour lectures of ‘Basics on Strawberry Physiology and Production Practices’. Online option via Zoom is available for those who cannot travel to Columbus, OH.

Flower Mapping. This highly specialized training will consist of 2-3 hours of hands-on session to learn how to dissect and map vegetative and flower primordia of your strawberry plants.