Invited Research Presenters

The Ohio Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (OHCEAC) is proud to announce our 2024 invited research presenters:

Jennifer Boldt Headshot

Dr. Jennifer Boldt | USDA-ARS

"Nutrient Strategies to Increase Strawberry Daughter Plant Production in Controlled Environments"

Ryan Dickson Headshot

Dr. Ryan Dickson | University of Arkansas

"Advanced Nutrient Management for Recirculating Hydroponics"

Changhyeon Kim Headshot

Dr. Changhyeon Kim | Ohio State University

"Development of a Data-driven Leaf Pruning Method Based on Weekly Light Integral Below the Canopy"

Jonathan Lee-Rodriguez Headshot

Jonathan Lee-Rodriguez | Ohio State University

"Utilizing Environmental DNA for the Detection and Identification of Common Greenhouse Pests Found on Tomato Plants"

Qingwu Meng Headshot

Dr. Qingqu "William" Meng | University of Delaware

"Novel Biostimulant Control of Lettuce Tipburn in Greenhouse Hydroponic Production"

Jan Westra Headshot

Dr. Jan Westra | Priva

"AI and Growing Plants: Limits, Threats and Opportunities in Real World Applications"

Craig Yendrek Headshot

Dr. Craig Yendrek | Hawthorne Gardening Company

"Evaluating Winter Production of Six Capsicum annuum Cultivars Grown in the Greenhouse with Supplemental LED"

Azlan Zahid Headshot

Dr. Azlan Zahid | Texas A&M University

"AI-Enhanced Computer Vision for Crop Monitoring in Controlled Environment Agriculture"